The best Christmas sites on the internet
Explanation about how the list works is a collection of the most popular Christmas sites on the internet.

Every owner of a Christmas site can join
By joining webmasters can exchange visitors between the various Christmas sites. The sites that send the most visitors to Christmassites will come on top of the list.

Registration is entirely free, so if you have a Christmas site you can register right away. After registration you will get a link to send visitors to Use only the link that you get at registration, otherwise your visitors will not be counted and your site will not appear on After registration you should first click one time on the link that you got before your site will appear on

Placement of the linkcode of on your own website is mandatory! Careful watch will be kept! Sites that refuse to place the linkcode will be deleted.

To stay in the list, you should send at least one visitor a week by your own linkcode to (during Christmas time this should not be any problem at all). If you don't send visitors to for a longer period of time, your site will not be visible on anymore, but it does stay in the database. As soon as a visitor from your site clicks on your linkcode your site will appear on immediately back again.

It's not allowed to load in a popup or popunder. Sites that use this construction or cheat in another way will be deleted without warning beforehand.

The number IN and OUT
When a visitor on your site clicks on the link to the number IN that's behind your site will raise by 1. When a visitor of clicks on your banner/link on your number OUT will raise by 1. The number IN is the number of visitors that go from your site to, the number OUT is the the number of visitors that go from to your site. For example: behind your site says In: 16, Out 56. This means that 16 visitors from your site went to and that you got 56 visitors in return. In this case membership is very interesting. The number IN and OUT is measured with unique visitors per day, when someone on your site for example clicks 10 times per day on the link of, he will be counted as only 1 visitor, this is to prevent cheating, the visitors have to be real visitors and not the webmaster of the site. The sites on are ranked by number IN en then on number OUT. To appear as high as possible on you could place a banner of on a striking place on your site, so that there will be more visitors that click on it. You can also retrieve the numbers IN and OUT when you log in. By logging in you can not only retrieve the number IN and OUT of this week, but also the number IN and OUT from the moment that you registered.

Once a week all the counters are reset to zero so that sites that have just registered have the ability to appear at the top of the list too. | Banners | Add site | Log in